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- This Portable Air Conditioning Unit Saw its Sales SKYROCKET After Three Week...

Everyone is astounded by its efficiency and cost!


This air conditioner with excellent performance

Experts agree that summer 2020 will be the hottest summer yet!

So, how to prepare the best way possible ?

How to avoid those unbearable heat during the day and night?

It’s very difficult when you don’t have an air conditioner… Actually THE more efficient solution available on the market …

Yes, but at what cost?

The problem is that an air conditioning unit is very expensive these days…between the labor and the price of the parts, this can cost several thousand Euros…

Even if you have the money for it, technicians are always booked years in advance, not ot mention the environmental cost of the thing…

We’ve found the solution: the Air PRO!

It’s a device that one of our (very happy) readers told us about… It’s an air conditioner designed by the German company “Pro Technology…”

We tried it for our readers and we immediately noticed the product’s unique way of working…

In fact, unlike the traditional air conditioners that use HOT air and transforms it into COLD air, this device uses WATER instead…

It’s pretty original! But this slight difference has enabled the Air PRO to break the rules established by the air conditioning market because all of a sudden, the  production costs  were lower, which has made a high end product accessible at a low cost…

This is how it works!

All this device needs is a bit of water and the push of an on button…

In less than 60 seconds, the Air PRO continuously diffuses cool air throughout the area…

Designed to adapt to all needs, the Air PRO has three separate speeds: low, medium, and high.

The Air PRO can lower a room’s temperature by up to 10 degrees! Not only does the Air PRO cool the air, it cleans it too!

Equipped with a High-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), the Air PRO collects all dirt present in the air, which is the culprit of allergens like pollen

And the cherry on top: it’s extremely quiet, to the point that you may have trouble hearing it! It’s a huge benefit when you’re working, sleeping, or when you use the Air PRO while you’re with family or friends.

The product’s features are:

  • A three speed ventilator - the ventilator can be adjusted to three different speeds to meet all needs. Try it when you sleep, work, or work out!
  • A reservoir with GREAT capacity-the water reservoir is large enough for up to eight hours of use..
  • An adjustable blade- the air outlets are adjustable. Move them vertically to control the air’s direction.
  • Multicolor - Available in seven background lighting colors.
  • Affordable price- save over 300 EUR on air conditioning systems..
  • Compact and portable bring it wherever you want..
  • Low consumption- take care of the environment. !
  • Very quiet - use the Air PRO any time throughout the day.

Got a question? Here are some answers (FAQ):

Q : Does the Air PRO use batteries?

No; the Air PRO Portable Air Conditioner has a 200 mAh rechargeable battery that allows for 10 hours of use once charged. In addition, the USB-C (provided USB cable) allows you to charge the Air PRO whenever you need to and wherever you are.

Q : How much time can I use the Air PRO per day ?

You can use it throughout the entire day without a problem. We recommend using the Air PRO while working, studying, or while sleeping.

Q : Does it require professional assistance ?

No professional aid is needed to use the Air PRO Portable Air Conditioner. All you have to do is fill the water reservoir and push the on button: it’s easy as pie!

What sets the Air PRO Portable Air Conditioner apart from the traditional air conditioners?

Most air conditioners take up a lot of room, and it can cost a lot to run them throughout the day. The Air PRO is  an affordable, portable, and efficient  device compared to other air conditioning devices. It’s also an efficient alternative for electric fans.

Don’t let the summer heat wave cut your day short. No more sweating bullets in the kitchen, bedroom, or at the office! Get your one-of-a-kind Air PRO now and enjoy a relaxing, cool summer.

But how much do these technologies cost?

Considering the Air PRO Portable Air Conditioner’s high-end features, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were sold for at least 300 EUR. And this price would be noticeably cheaper than most of its competitors (some of which cost over 500 EUR!)

We were surprised to discover that this air conditioning unit costs only $89 USD (thanks to a 50% discount that ends soon!).

What do others say?

Here are a few glowing reviews that we received about the Air PRO following our internal staff’s tests.

This device made my life much better! I have cool air throughout the house both day and night. Thank you Air PRO!

Jean-Baptiste Gaudin

My wife and I love this device! You fill it with water, and the device releases cool air throughout the house, and it’s completely quiet!

André Choffard

It’s the best invention that I’ve ever bought! I’ve bought several for my house!

Léonard Baugé

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely 100% YES! I have a few, and I recommend choosing a few as well. I now have room air throughout the house, and installation is easy, not to mention the low cost with the 50% discount!

Ultimately: if you’re tired of this horrible heat during the night or day, and you want to do something about it without spending a fortune, the Air PRO is a must have!

How can I get an Air PRO?

1) Order your Air PRO on the official website official website

2) Thanks to the newest technology, you can enjoy having a cooler house at a lower price..

SALE: Now, for a limited time, your Air PRO is 40% off with free delivery throughout the world!

How can I get an Air PRO?

Click the link to check availability


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